Mugshot History

A Brief History of MugShots and How Can Help

In the 1870s, the standardized mug shot was first implemented at a police station in Paris. The chief of police there wanted to create a standardized record of accused criminals, so he set up a studio with preset lighting and took two photographs of each accused person. One shot showed the person looking straight ahead. One shot showed the person in profile.

Ever since then, mug shots have been extremely controversial. Even though the photographs are taken when people are accused of a crime and not yet convicted of a crime, studies show that people immediately assume they’re looking at pictures of guilty people when they look at mug shots.
That’s why the rash of Internet mug shot websites is so detrimental. If your friends, family members or clients see mug shot pictures of you, they may immediately form a negative impression of you. The sites often don’t state what you were accused of or if you were acquitted of the charges, leaving viewers to simply speculate about you and the charges filed against you.

If you’re in this situation, we can help. Our technicians can scan the Internet for those mugshots and remove your listings permanently. We have experience in this area, and we have a track record of getting results. When we want those photos to come down, they come down and they stay down. You can count on us.